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We always stay with our clients and respect their business. We provide instant response on IT scrap clearance and We Collect from your door step.

We buy computer parts and discarded electronic devices (e-waste). We provide professional IT asset management services, including secure data for large and small businesses, government agencies, financial institutions, and healthcare organizations. 

To ensure the safety and privacy of your company, all scrap computer electronic parts are separated and handled in a safe and modern monitoring system. We have always complied with all federal, state, and reporting requirements for recycling. 


Located in the same company-owned facility for many years, We buy used IT and communication scrap and provides 24-hour monitoring and meets industry standards for safety. You can safely delete and shred your data while ensuring the proper disposal of your assets. Recycling electronic waste and electronic scrap can reduce the amount of old equipment that is disposed of in landfills. Ultimately, smaller landfill equipment will reduce damage to the environment. We recycle all kinds of scrap electronic equipment and recycle precious metals such as scrap computers, obsolete communication and servers, test equipment, networks, mobile phones, scrap smartphones and most kinds of scrap electronic equipment.

Used computers
Used computers buyer

We purchase used computers and other IT equipment from all manufacturers and models.

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Overstock IT Scrap
Overstock IT Scrap Buyer

Digital ink computer trading LLC is a leading company in the purchase of IT scrap.

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Used Office Supplies
Used Office Supplies:

We buy all types of used office furniture, including office chairs, tables, desks, cubicles, etc.

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Digital Ink
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Digital Ink
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Digital Ink
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Remanufacturer of IT Scrap

Recycle Your IT scrap and earn

We buy computer scrap and remanufacture and recycle them. Our remanufacturing team disassemble all parts and components of IT scrap. The ingredients are then washed and regenerated, and damaged parts are replaced. The device or part is then reassembled and rigorously tested for quality and functionality. The remanufacturer ensures that the look and feel of the product or device are new.

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